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St. Patrick's Episcopal School, Washington DC

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Join us

Join us

Join us for a magical night as friends, family, and community come together to achieve a cure for Annabel. Together, we can realize our dream of treating patients suffering from Annabel’s disease, and rewrite the future for thousands of other children whose lives could be transformed by gene therapy.

We are looking for champions to join us.


Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Dream Makers - $25,000"
    - Two premium tables for 10 guests (20 total guests) with champagne - Prominent recognition from podium and in event publicity - Recognition on event website and all materials including evening of printed program
  • Champions - $10,000"
    - One preferred table for 10 guests - Recognition on event website and all materials including evening of printed program
  • Heroes - $5,000"
    - One reserved table for 10 guests - Recognition on event website and all materials including evening of printed program
  • Friends - $1,500"
    - Two seats at the event - Recognition on event website and all materials including evening of printed program


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Nina and Simon Frost

Dream Makers

The John G. and Jean R. Gosnell Foundation

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Susan Goldman


The Alisann and Terry Collins Foundation

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The Neuhauser Family

Bridget and Greg Nikodem

Occasions Caterers

Danielle and Matt Perl

Peggy Bourjailly and Noah Pollak

Jen and Rob Rathmell

Jocelyn and Brian Redman

Allison and Jamie Riepe

Annie and Mike Sabel

Natasha and Robert Schooling

Ashley and Clint Shaw

Jan and John Silliman

Chris and John Taft

Alanna and Ryan Temme

Caroline and Michael Van Vleck

Andrea and Alex Walker

Elise and Derek Whang

Williams & Jensen, PLLC

Jennifer and Michael Wood

Signey and Jason Adams

Elena and Robert Allbritton

Diana and Michael Allen


Mia and Tim Bass

Tina and Bill Belanger

Jill and Jim Bruno

Ashley and Brendan Burke

Beth and Michael Clifton

James A. Donohoe IV and Michelle Gallinger

Mary and Tom Firth

Katie and Steven Gewirz

Yardly and Burton Gray

Mae and Ande Grennan


Jeffrey J. Kimbell & Associates

Eli Lazarus

Alice and Michael Leiter

Chris Mario and Jim Schufreider

Corporate Partners

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Host Committee

Host Committee​

Thank you to our amazing host committee for its support:

Signey and Jason Adams

Sasha and Tom Adams

Elena and Robert Allbritton

Diana and Michael Allen

Matt Alion and Matt Blocher

Mia and Tim Bass

Nancy and George Balboa

Helen B. Bechtel

Farah and Jesus Bueno

Ashley and Brendan Burke

Lucia and Chuck Cassidy

Biffy and Chris Cathcart

Katarina and Thomas Charuhas

Ahna and Alexander Chip

Beth and Michael Clifton

Elizabeth and Octavio Delosobera

Jad Donohoe and Michelle Gallinger

Catherine and Will Ebert

Claire and Jake Farver

Catie and Connor Faught

Gena  and Daniel Feith

Stefanie and Russell Firestone

April Jones-Firoozabadi

Nina and Simon Frost

Lisa Fuentes and Thomas Cohen

Amanda and John Fuisz

Jenny and Jonathan Fuisz

Lisa and Tim Garnett

Katrina and Steven Gewirz

Wendy and Peter Gowdy

Yardly and Burton Gray

Mae and Ande Grennan

Kate and Patrick Hanniford

Kate and Paul Harris

Kim and Nick Hayman

Conner and Brad Herman

Johanna and Barclay Howe

Louisa Imperiale

Kellyn and Jay Kenny

Julie and Reed Landry

Alice and Michael Leiter

Katherine and Brian Lucas

Kristen and George Lund

Mary and Patrick Maiberger

Diana Minshall

Anj Murphy and Jonathan Seigel

Andrea and Richard Nespola

Margret Nedelkoff and Jim Neuhauser

Bridget and Greg Nikodem

Sara and Peter O'Keefe

Katie and Peter Oppenheim

Megan and Andrew Parker

Mary Margaret and Scott Plumridge

Gretchen Randolph

Jocelyn and Brian Redman

Lizanne and Joe Reger

 Jessie Regunberg and Garrett King

Katharine and Lindsay Reishman

Jimmy Reyes

Alison and Kai Reynolds

Allison and Jamie Riepe

Whitney and John Rosenthal

Helen and Dan Sale

Samantha and Justin Schneck

Alanna and Ryan Temme

Claire and Harlow Voorhees

Andrea and Alex Walker

Elise and Derek Whang


Annabel’s Disorder:

About AHC And The Gene Therapy Project to Cure it

Annabel has a rare and severe neurological disease called Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC). 


Every few days Annabel suffers from a day of painful, debilitating episodes similar to an epileptic seizure or a stroke.  Over time, Annabel’s condition will lead to permanent brain dysfunction. Many AHC patients suffer an abrupt and irreversible deterioration, which leaves them unable ever to walk or talk again. In other cases, AHC causes a failure in the autonomic nervous system that can cause sudden, inexplicable death.


Annabel’s family, in close collaboration with the two national AHC charities, has assembled a team of nationally renowned scientists and doctors to pursue a cure for AHC.  The team is pursuing a cure with AAV-mediated gene therapy, and testing one mice has begun.  If the tests show evidence of a rescue in the mice, as the scientists anticipate, they will achieve the pivotal “proof of concept” to open the path for clinical trial in humans.


As the scientific team makes rapid progress, we need to provide them with the resources to move forward. Annabel’s disease is so rare—literally one in a million—that funding for research has been impossible to attain.  Until now.

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